The market broke the support and began gaining trading volumes

‘I consider the $53,000 mark as a BTC benchmark, for ETH it’s a range up to $4,000 and possibly higher. Ideally, it’s a historic high in the $4,400 area. For XRP, this is the previous maximum at $1.8–1.9. Accordingly, I am inclined to resume growth so far, because the market hasn’t been able to develop a downward movement,’ the expert notes.

‘It indicates the market participants’ stop-losses triggered and open interest was lost. Therefore, now the coins are gaining volumes to have enough liquidity to make a reversal and move to the upper resistance limit,’ Mark Sorokin says.


‘That is why the key market scenario is growth continuation, entering new ranges, and reaching highs. Some tools will be able to update their historical highs. A less likely option is the emergence of new significant fundamental factors which will trigger a trend change,’ the expert concludes.



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