$60,000 level is the BTC benchmark still

‘It’s highly likely market participants will go to update the current BTC accumulation minimum, which is currently being formed. This minimum is at the level of $40 000–42 000. Market participants can form a liquidity grab there, after which recovery can begin,’ the expert notes.

‘I don’t see any global decline scenario, but generally, we need to wait for the quit out the current large accumulation to understand who’s prevailing — buyers or sellers. Accordingly, I still expect growth, but I don’t expect it quickly,’ the 8848 Invest expert notes.

‘Everything will depend on which direction quit out will occur. The market sentiment isn’t formed currently. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to predict the market movement direction. To do this, you need to see a powerful impulse with a long-term consolidation, which will indicate the future price movement,’ the expert notes.


‘Globally, I expect XRP to reach the $1.9 mark, but it isn’t a matter of the next few weeks, but rather a month or two. It should also be remembered that XRP hasn’t reached its historical maximum, which is at the $3.7 level. This is the coin’s long-term goal for six next months or a year,’ the expert notes.




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