10 questions crypto investor should ask a management company

1. For how long the company is operational?

2. Does it’s activity is regulated by the financial authorities or state? Does it pass the audit?

3. Does the company implement KYC / AML procedures? What is the way of due diligence?

4. Does the company show steady alpha (does it outperform the profitability of benchmark BTC investing)?

5. What is the way of the customer’s digital assets stored?

6. What risk management policies are applied?

7. What strategy is used to hedge open positions?

8. What is the current company’s AUM size (amount of money under the management)?

9. Does the company have a lock-up period (the period after which the investor got the opportunity to withdraw profits/investment body)?

10. Does the company accept under the management only the fiat assets or cryptocurrency also?




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